App in a Day

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App in a day labs will give you step by step instructions on how to create custom Dataverse tables, custom columns, calculated columns, business rules, canvas application, model-driven application, forms and Power Automate cloud flows.

Course Module Details

Introduction (1 Hours)

This module will give you an overview and prerequisites for the course.

  • Resources
  • Overview
  • Prerequisites

    Prerequisites before starting the hands-on labs.

Canvas Application (0.5 Hours)

In this module you will tour the Power Apps Canvas studio layout and build a new Canvas application

  • Create new Canvas application

    In this lab, you create a new Power Apps Canvas application.

Microsoft Dataverse (1 Hours)

In this module, you will use Microsoft Dataverse to model and store the data from the device ordering canvas app that you built in module 1.

  • Dataverse

    In this lab, you will explore Microsoft Dataverse standard Tables. Tables in Microsoft Dataverse are like tables in a database or worksheets in Microsoft Excel. Tables can be connected together with relationships that model real world interactions between the tables. Each table contains multiple Rows (Records), each having data columns.

Model-driven application (1 Hours)

In this module, you will build a model-driven application.

  • Create Model-driven application

    Model-driven apps make it easy to build forms over data applications quickly. This style of application brings together forms, views, dashboards and charts quickly to provide a productive user experience for working with related data.

Power Automate (1 Hours)

In module, you will create a Power Automate cloud flow.

  • Create a cloud flow

    In this lab, you will create a flow that uses the Modern Approvals service to automate the approval workflow – it will send an email to the selected approver and take an action based on their response.