Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Training Ideas

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Solution Framework Deep Dive

Create a course that covers all aspects of using the Dynamics 365 Solution Framework

A course on using Azure with Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Now Available

Please walk us through a clear step by step approach on the need of using Azure and also scenarios of when to use Azure , how to connect and authenticate.

Solution architecting

Helpful hints and exercises on how to be a Power Platform solution architect

Deploying Power Portals Now Available

Cover all aspects of setting up a new portal and common customization scenarios

Data Modeling Now Available

Elements of data modeling and the implications of making one choice over another (relationship types, automation, security, cascade rules, portability between environments etc.)

A course on using PowerBI for visualizing Model Driven data Now Available

Provide a step-by-step guide to connect PowerBI to D365 data. Demonstrate how it can be integrated in the new CRM UI as well as exposed out on a Portal based on the logged in External User.

Authentication Deep Dive

When to authenticate, how to authenticate, and how to make your app secure

Customizations & Configurations Now Available

Would like to see a video on customizations & configuration within Dynamic 365.

UI-Flows Deep Dive

I would be interested a course that goes a little deeper into UI-Flows and a range of usage scenarios around it.

Azure Dev Ops as it relates to Power Platform

Using Azure Dev Ops for Power Platform projects, toolkits, best practices, etc.

A course on CDS and Power Automate Now Available

Create a course that deals with scenarios that highlights the use of flow and cds.

Power Platform ALM

How to setup and configure an end to end ALM process on the Power Platform

Power Platform Administration

Course on how to setup environments, add users, manage security, licenses, backups, deploy apps, monitor capacity, "everything up to the login prompt" for IT admins, office administrators, etc.

TypeScript with Dataverse

Hands on using Typescript with Dataverse

How to be a successful Power Platform consultant Now Available

A course with Power Platform consultant skills

Omnichannel Now Available

Looking to learn more on Omnichannel for customer service works.

Project Oakdale Now Available

Want to know more on how Project Oakdale works

Using JSON in Apps Now Available

Looking for more details on using JSON.

Zero to PowerApps and Power Automate Expressions

A course that helps developers (basic to advance) to learn about how to use expressions and formulas in PowerApps and specifically Power Automate.

A course of deploying Model Driven and Power Apps to other environments

As developers, we need a course (labs) dedicated to deploying Domain Driven and Power Automate flows to other environment using: 1) Export and Import 2) Visual Studio spkl and DevOps automation.

Deep dive on client object model programming

Deep dive on Client Object programming using Typescript and using best practice

SEO for Power Apps Portals

I wonder why on the web, almost nobody covers this topic. I have started with Joomla for a website. There is an immense amount about this issue. For a year, I get in MS 365 (MS365 Business premium by now). Only last week, I got in touch with Power Apps Portal reading the docs for Power Platform. For a lot of reasons, I would prefer to realize my website now with Power Apps Portal. I have passed some excellent videos (overviews with details) on youtube about Portals. But no SEO topic has been mentioned. No needs? I am not an IT.

Course how to build model driven apps Now Available

Quick introduction for Power Apps starters on how to build model driven apps. It's the next logical steps after learning about CDS.

Zero to Dynamics 365 Reporting

A course to explore how to implement basic to advance dynamics 365 reporting using SQL Server reporting or other tools. Also, exploring how to automate the deployment process.

RSO -field service,Connected field service

Please post more contents on Resource scheduling optimization,IOT n connected field services

Azure devops for d365 Business analysts

How to write complex user stories related to d365..live customer case study