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With the release of Dynamics 365, there were several different features that were added and/or updated. For this course, we took several of Derik's videos from CRM Tip of the Day on some of the more popular topics such as the updated Business Process designer, Relationship Insights, and Application Designer and put them into one place.

What you will learn

This course starts with a basic overview of the new features that were added in Dynamics 365. From there, we dive a little deeper into specific functionality including how to work with the updated Business Process Flow designer, designing Business Rules, and how to work with the App Designer and Sitemap editor. In addition we look at the Relationship Insights preview feature and the basics on how to enable and configure it in Dynamics 365.


Derik Bormann

Derik Bormann

Derik is a regular contributor to CRM Tip of Day Derik is also a Microsoft MVP

Course Module Details

What's new in Dynamics 365

With it's release, Dynamics 365 introduced several brand new features including an updated Business Process Flow editor, new Application Module Designer, as well as several other User Interface changes. In this first module Derik provides an overview on some of the new features that were included in the release.

  • What's New - Overview
    10 Minutes 
Updated Business Process Flow designer

As part of Dynamics 365, the Business Process Flow editor was redesigned to provide an easier visual and drag and drop experience. In addition to the new editor, several features were added that provide more flexibility. This includes the ability to execute workflows directly based on a specific Business Process Flow stage, or status.

  • BPF Designer Overview
Business Rules

The same visual editor that is used for designing Business Process Flows, has also been incorporated to create Business Rules. All of the features and functionality that were available previously with Business Rules still exist, but in addition there is now a new Recommendation feature. Here we explore the Business Rule editor and functionality.

  • Business Rule Designer
    9 Minutes 
Application Designer

Dynamics 365 introduced a new modular application functionality. This functionality now provides the ability to streamline navigation to show only entities, and items that are specific to the application functionality you are working with, for example Sales, Service, Field Service, etc. As part of the new modular application functionality, an application designer has been provided that allows you to edit existing application modules, as well as create your own applications.

  • App Designer Overview
    16 Minutes 
SiteMap Editor

As part of Dynamics 365's App Designer feature, it is now possible to edit the Dynamics 365 Sitemap using an fully User Interface integrated sitemap designer. The designer can be used to edit the sitemap across an entire organization or to edit the sitemap used for each individual application that is being deployed. In this module we look at both scenarios, as well as discuss some specific items to be aware of.

  • Using the SiteMap Editor
    11 Minutes 
Relationship Insights

Relationship Insights was introduced in Preview as part of Dynamics 365. In this Module we explore how to setup and configure the basic parts of Relationship Insights, including how to configure the Relationship Assistant, Auto Capture feature, and Email Folder Tracking

  • Relationship Insights - Assistant and Auto Capture
    15 Minutes 
  • Email Engagement
    11 Minutes