Power Apps portals Field Guide

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The Power Apps portals Field Guide is designed for Power Platform makers, functional consultants, technical consultants, solution architects and administrators. Each module is a deep dive into a specific aspect of Power Apps portals providing practical information and guidance. The modules do not need to be taken in sequential order, but allow learners to focus on the specific areas where they need to sharpen their skills and knowledge.


Nick Doelman

Nick Doelman

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Course Module Details

Introduction (2 Minutes)

Welcome to the Power Apps portals field guide!

  • Introduction
Provision a Power Apps portal (20 Minutes)

In this module, learn how to provision a Power Apps portal in your Dataverse environment.

  • Provision a Power Apps portal
  • Test Your Knowledge
Portal Studio Overview (13 Minutes)

An overview of the Power Apps portals Portal Studio. The Portal Studio is the maker tool for creating and configuring assets for your Power Apps portal.

  • Portal Studio Overview
Power Apps portals Metadata and Portal Management App (0.5 Hours)

Portal configuration and functionality is defined by a set of portal metadata that is stored in Dataverse. The portal metadata can be modified to configure a Power Apps portal. The Portal Management App is a model-driven Power App that is provisioned when creating a new portal. The Portal Management app is one of the tools that is used to add, update and configure a Power Apps portal.

  • Power Apps portals Metadata and Portal Management App
  • Portal Management App Test Your Knowledge
Power Apps portals Administrator: Admin Center (4 Minutes)

This module provides information about each of the specific tools found in the Portals Admin Center how they are used to administer a Power Apps portal.

  • Updating Portal Solutions

    This unit will go through the process of updating the Power Apps portals solutions. The solutions are not automatically updated. The process is straightforward, but a good tip is to put the portal in maintenance mode before running the update.

Power Apps portals Maker: Lists and Forms (Planned)

Deep dive in using Entity Lists and Entity Forms to interact with Dataverse data on a Power Apps portal.

Power Apps portals Maker: Web Forms (Planned)

How to build interactive web forms on a Power Apps portal. Recommended Learners first take the Portals metadata and management app module.

Power Apps portals Developer: Liquid (Planned)

This module drills down into the Liquid Markup language and how it can be used to extend the functionality of Power Apps portals content and data.

Power Apps portals Developer: JavaScript (Planned)

How to use JavaScript in Power Apps portals to extend functionality on web pages and in web templates.

Power Apps portals Developer: Custom Web Templates (Planned)

How to build custom web templates to extend the functionality of your Power Apps portals. Recommended learners complete the Liquid module before viewing this module.