Power Platform 24 Conference November 2, 2022 | What's new in Managing Power BI in the Dataverse

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What's new in Managing Power BI in the Dataverse
  • Session
    60 Minutes

    Where the built-in charts and dashboards in Dynamics 365/Model-Driven App have limits, Power BI takes over to deliver insights and value for your organizations. The last several months have brought new features to the Power BI integration with Power Apps and D365 CE on the Dataverse Platform. This session will uncover best practices for what connection method to use, when to use it, and what implications it will have on Dataverse data availability, security, speedy and efficient report loading, latency of data, impact on API entitlement limit, and more… Join this session to get an understanding of what the options are and know when to use them.

    Scott Sewell image
    Scott Sewell

    As a Principal Product Manager within the Power BI team and a former Dynamics 365 Black Belt at Microsoft - I've seen firsthand how valuable the data in Dataverse can be for the decision-makers.